Councillor keen to see big role for community wardens

Councillor Brian Topping at Arisaig Drive, Fraserburgh.
Councillor Brian Topping at Arisaig Drive, Fraserburgh.

Fraserburgh and district councillor Brian Topping has suggested that community wardens have an important role to play in the town.

The councillor was speaking at last Tuesday’s meeting of the Fraserburgh Community Council, at which the issue of Fraserburgh’s lack of community wardens was discussed.

“The wardens are now coming under the offices and payment of Aberdeenshire Council,” he updated the community group.

“I actually attended the Banff and Buchan Community Planning Group, about a week ago, and again asked what’s happening with the wardens.”

It had been revealed at the community council meeting that Fraserburgh, presently, has no community wardens.

Answering why none had been appointed, the councillor said: “They’re actually trying to redefine the job description, so that’s why there’s a delay. There will be one.”

He added: “They are a great asset to the police and the community. The police can’t be everything.”

The councillor also urged the community group, if they wished to press the issue, to contact the Banff and Buchan Area Manager with their view on community wardens.

“The wardens can do so much to help everybody,” Councillor Topping concluded.