Councillor Michael Watt responds to letter from local resident

Following a letter printed in The Fraserburgh Herald from a local man, concerned over the business ventures of Councillor Michael Watt, the councillor has replied with the following letter.

Dear Sir,

In reply to the previous letters, over the past five years the Fraserburgh Herald have consistently reported articles relating to my involvement in local issues within Fraserburgh and District.

Should I be elected, I will continue to carry out my council duties with the same passion, enthusiasm and commitment as during the previous five years, see

I started the BRG, Fraserburgh Forward group, 2012 Gala group and R-dog all which will be here long after the election, not because of me but because of the local folks passion for the Broch.

Our boat Orlik is a business venture promoting Fraserburgh and District, she is registered FRASERBURGH as is shown on the life saving equipment.

My ambition is to set an example encouraging others to follow and make Fraserburgh and District a place to be proud of. We currently have enquiries from the Central Belt, Cornwall, USA, and Europe putting Fraserburgh and District positively on the global map. Our current bookings for Orlik are for three night trips.

I should clarify that the Moray Firth starts at Fraserburgh and goes west from Kinnaird Head.

Recently, I have been in discussions with Fraserburgh’s Harbour Master regarding Fraserburgh Academy pupils taking a trip on Orlik arranged by the Art Department. Pupils will start and end their trip at Fraserburgh whilst exploring and photographing the coastline (this trip was initially discussed almost 1 year ago).

For thirty years I have invested in Fraserburgh and District and will continue to invest in what I believe in. It is of paramount importances that councillors show leadership through enthusiasm, passion and vision for the ward they are elected to represent. We rebuilt Orlik providing local businesses with the opportunity to see commercial possibilities available in new areas within the local leisure market creating employment in a time of recession.

Currently, as well as my council projects, I am involved in two new shops and a restaurant opening on High Street Fraserburgh.

My slogan for 2012 is Think Positive! Think Fraserburgh and District.

Michael Watt