Councillor pens letter to get VIC back to town centre

Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, Fraserburgh.
Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, Fraserburgh.
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Fraserburgh and district councillor Ian Tait has penned an open letter to the regional director of VisitScotland urging him to bring the visitor information centre (VIC) back to the town centre.

The VIC had moved to the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses earlier this year, the museum able to facilitate the centre’s opening hours throughout the year.

Councillor Tait, however, has been vocal in his opposition to the move, instead suggesting that its removal from the town centre could have a detrimental effect on constituents’ jobs.

“I still hope VisitScotland will relocate it back to the town centre. I hope that any town centre /businesses organisations interested in housing the VIC will contact me so that we can start to work to get it back,” Councillor Tait says in his letter to Philip Smith.

“This decision to move the VIC to the edge of town has damaged our local community and economy. The move was inexplicable since the council was giving VisitScotland free use of offices in the town centre rent free, lighting and water free, maintenance free in order that the visitors to the VIC would benefit our local economy.

“4000 visitors used it while it was in the town centre and there is no likelihood that they will go to the town centre after visiting the Lighthouse Museum and getting the information about local places of interest to visit.”

He adds: “I believe VisitScotland has damaged our local economy and placed the jobs of my constituents who work in the town centre businesses at risk.

“I will be writing to the SNP Government Minister for tourism on this issue, too. He refused to help us the last time I wrote, but I intend to keep raising it with him.”

In the meantime, Councillor Tait is seeking assurances on what VisitScotland’s intentions are for relocating back to Fraserburgh’s town centre in the future and how they will support the town by bringing visitors to the area.