Councillor pens open letter to skipper

Fraserburgh and district councillor Charles Buchan has penned an open letter thanking the skipper, crew and owners of the Forever Grateful for their part in the recent open doors day events held in Fraserburgh.

Open doors day events took place at the Lighthouse Museum, the Fraserburgh Heritage Centre, Pitsligo Parish Kirk and the Forever Grateful, which was docked at Fraserburgh’s harbour.

Thanking the Forever Grateful, Councillor Buchan wrote: “On behalf of the community of Fraserburgh and district, I would like to thank you and your crew for allowing the public access to your fishing vessel during Aberdeenshire Open Day on Saturday 15th September, 2012.

“Your efforts made a huge contribution to the success of the day, as evidenced by the continuous queues at the gangway, and by the most favourable comments given by your visitors, both local and tourist, after their visit to your magnificent 64m long vessel.

“Amongst the highlights of the visit was seeing the 8000 h.p. engine, (most unlike the 152 Gardiner I went to sea with), the crew quarters, and, of course, the huge wheelhouse (or should I say, operations centre), looking more like mission control Houston, with radars, fish-finders, sonars, and sat navs without numbers, with no traditional steering wheel, and steering done with a tiny joystick.

“The organisation, and the attentions of your crew was spot-on, with professional planning, with crew at various places explaining the different features in a most expert way.

“The community thanks you, not only for allowing us to see your vessel, but also with your fishing effort, making a significant input into the economy of the district, as well as providing much employment ashore as well as afloat.”

Online, the Lighthouse Museum had reported that 100 people had visited Kinnaird Head for tours of the Wine Tower and

Meanwhile, the Fraserburgh Heritage Centre thanked everyone for
visiting the centre over the day.

The Fraserburgh Heritage Centre are currently raffling off a painting. Raffles can be bought up until noon on October 31.

Entry to shop, at the Heritage Centre, is free.