Councillor Tait keen to see Cheers supported in VIC bid

Councillor Ian Tait at Boothby Road.
Councillor Ian Tait at Boothby Road.

Fraserburgh and district councillor Ian Tait has put forward a notice of motion for the next meeting of the Banff and Buchan Area Committee, of which he and the nine other elected councillors in Banff and Buchan are members.

In his notice, Councillor Tait is seeking the committee to repeat their wish that the Visitor Information Centre is returned to the town centre, noting the new initiative being brought forward by Dennis Forsyth of Cheers Cafe Bar and Tavern.

“Obviously, the committee cannot give unqualified support at this stage because it may require permissions,” Councillor Tait told us.

“The committee cannot do anything to pre-empt those permissions, but I thought it was important we should make it clear we support Mr Forsyth’s proposal in full, in principle, at this time.”

On current situation, which has the VIC based at the Museum of Scottish Lighthouses for a period of one year, the councillor added: “I want VisitScotland to know of local support for this project. If the Area Committee agrees to my motion, that will be a positive step.

“I will also raise the matter with the Community Council and ask for their support as well.

“If necessary, I will arrange for another petition from local people to go to the Government Minister for Tourism and the chief executive of VisitScotland. We must get the VIC back to protect our existing town centre jobs and create new ones.

“Mr Forsyth does everything in a proper fashion, and I have no doubt this project will receive the same high standard of treatment as his other projects, and will be a significant and major boost for the town centre,” he added.