Councillor unveils his vision for future

Councillor Ian Tait says the hall has always been important to him
Councillor Ian Tait says the hall has always been important to him

A Fraserburgh councillor has outlined his ‘vision for the future’ on how he want’s the town’s Dalrymple Hall and Arts Centre to be developed.

Councillor Ian Tait says the hall has always been important to him, having been the councillor who fund the money to get the lift installed to allow elderly and disabled folk to use the facility.

He told the Herald: “I would like to see more being done to promote the arts in my ward, both in terms of good outside public art and to make it easy for groups to carry out any art-related crafts.

“I feel it is important to draw as many people as possible, including young people, into a wide range of different creative arts.”

To do this, he says a modern, functional properly equipped centre, which can be accessed by the whole community, is needed.

“The community centre is already going at full stretch so I would like to see the Dalrymple Hall and Arts Centre developed to become a buzzing full-time centre, providing positive activities for my constituents and drawing people into the town to help business,” he said.

He says the cafe building is underused at the present time, especially during the day, and is not open full-time for every day of the week and could, therefore, be used a lot more.

“I believe we have a resource here that culd be used to a much greater extent, especially during the day,” he continued. “The evenings are much busier, being used by excellent groups such as Fraserburgh Junior Arts Society and the Broadsea Arts Club and there are commercial uses such as those provided for dance groups.”

Cllr Tait says his suggestion to apply for external funding as a CARS project is feasible bearing in mind that the building is C-Listed.

“I am not suggesting CARS money is taken from that already allocated for the regeneration of the town centre - that money is allocated for that purpose alone.

“I am putting in place a new application for new funds from various sources to allow the arts to flourish in Fraserburgh in all forms.

“I want the inside of the building modernised and made fit for purpose as a proper arts centre,”

Cllr Tait said he would be raising the issue at the Banff and Buchan area committee as the first step to starting the process to get council support.

He added: “I have already done a fair bit to help sports development in the town. Helping the arts to develop in Fraserburgh area will be a big boost for people of all ages.