Councillor wants positive reaction

Fraserburgh and district councillor Ian Tait has explained to the Fraserburgh Herald how the £500,000 awarded to Fraserburgh for town centre improvements.

Councillor Tait said: “The first thing to do is get a study done by professional experts as to what steps can be taken to improve the town centre.

“It is very important that this is done thoroughly and professionally so as to give us a good basis for planning the works. We must make sure that good professional experts are hired.

“I am hoping we can all be positive about this. We are not likely to get another chance to spend such a large sum as this in the near future . . . so we must make it a success.

“I think that all interested groups and organisations may wish to have an input to this but it is very important also that all my constituents must have a chance to have their say as well.

“At this point in time, though, all I am asking is that everyone who is interested starts to get their thinking caps on and think of good ideas to bring forward.

“Myself and the other local councillors will then get them in at the right time and make sure they are fed to the experts to assist them draw up their plans. Thereafter, the works will be commissioned.”

Councillor Tait also revealed that the local councillors would be working together on this project.

Councillor Tait, an Aberdeenshire Alliance group member, had previously told the Fraserburgh Herald of his hopes for the future of Fraserburgh’s town centre, saying that the regeneration of the town centre would attract new business and shoppers to the area.

“Regenerating the town centre will make it more attractive to shoppers from outside the town and to shopkeepers looking to open a shop,” Councillor Tait said.