Councillor welcomes boost for Older People’s Forum

Councillor Charles Buchan.
Councillor Charles Buchan.

Fraserburgh and district councillor Charles Buchan has welcomed a boost to Fraserburgh’s Older People’s Forum this week, revealing the news to the community council in his report.

The Older People’s Forum has been given a share of £6000 by the Community Development Group under the chairmanship of Wilson Irvine, the CDG disbanding after serving the area for over half a century.

Commenting on the news Councillor Buchan said: “As a member of the CDG, I was sad that the group was disbanding.

“It was formed when the original community centre and pool was opened in the 1960s, and was the group which oversaw the running of the centre on behalf of the council. The group then progressed to the awarding of council grants, and has made a huge contribution to community sports, arts and activities in Fraserburgh and the surrounding settlements over the years.

“Now that the new Community Centre and Pool is successfully up and running, Aberdeenshire Council has taken over the direct activities of the CDG. Many thanks are due to the Chair and all the members over the last 50 or so years for their hardwork and dedication to our communities.

“Amongst the other grants, £500 was awarded to the Fraserburgh and District Older People’s Forum, whose application was submitted by Mary Regan and Judith Taylor.

“I was pleased that the Older People’s Forum has been recognised. They do a vast amount of work, usually behind the scenes.

“They are to use the CDG grant to produce information about their activities,” the councillor added.