Councillor welcomes Invercairn works

Councillor Ian Tait at Invercairn Cemetery.
Councillor Ian Tait at Invercairn Cemetery.

Fraserburgh and district councillor Ian Tait has this week welcomed news that a bus stop will be erected at Invercairn’s cemetery.

The cemetery, which is at the side of the busy B9033, is expected to see a shelter put in place within the coming months after Councillor Tait had contacted Aberdeenshire Council officials.

“I had been calling on a constituent in the village and was passing the Invercairn cemetery when I noticed a member of the public standing outside waiting for a bus. There is no shelter nearby. It was cold, and raining hard.

“I decided to contact the council’s public transport unit. They have agreed to put up a shelter near the cemetery and this should be done in the next month or two in this financial year,” the councillor revealed.

The councillor has, recently, also been looking into the issue of Invercairn’s proposed extension. Councillor Tait told us that, after contacting the landowner near the cemetery, negotiations between them and Aberdeenshire Council were restarted and an agreement was reached, whereby the council will buy the land needed to extend the cemetery.

“Permission for the cemetery extension will be required from SEPA and this is being sought,” Councillor Tait commented.

Greater car parking facilities for the cemetery have also long been on the agenda for the people of Invercairn at the cemetery, the current lay-by only having room for a small number of cars.

Councillor Tait has, however, established that land opposite the cemetery could be used to provide greater parking facilities.

“There is a parking area across the road from the cemetery, and I know other people tried to get this upgraded for visitors to the cemetery. However, they were told that there was no proof of who owned the ground.

“I was told the same thing, but I pushed it further and the council officials did eventually establish that the council had indeed bought the ground from the landowner.

“Council officials agreed to my request to have the area blazed with chuckies. However, I am not happy with this and I think the area needs to be re-surfaced with tarmacadam and properly drained. Officers are looking at this now,” he said.