Councillors to consider Cairnbulg house plan

PLANS will go before Banff and Buchan area committee next week seeking planning permission in principle for the erection of a house at a site adjacent to the Salvation Army Hall in Cairnbulg.

Sunday, 9th September 2012, 5:00 am

The application, from Messrs Anderson & Mrs B. Morrison, c/o 44 Strichen Road, Fraserburgh, will be determined at the meeting in Banff on Tuesday.

The application was considered at the area committee meeting in August this year when it was decided by members to hold a site visit.

The applicant is looking for permission for the erection of a single house on a small portion of L-shaped grassed area, which is currently used as a communal drying area, adjacent to Church Street, Cairnbulg.

The site is also located within the Cairnbulg/Inverallochy Conservation area and is to be serviced by a pubic water supply while a public sewer connection and a containment vessel are proposed to deal with foul water and surface run-off respectively.

Members will hear that a totla of four objections have been lodged against the application.

The main concerns of the objectors are access, the overshadowing of nearby houses, and construction works may affect stability of existing structures.

In a report to Tuesday’s meeting, planning officer Stuart Newlands says having reviewed all submitted information it has been demonstrated that the application is acceptable in principle with regards to establishing a new house within an established settlement boundary.

“Due to the site being within a defined settlement boundary as per the local plan, the main policy which applies to this site is SG LSD4 which is concerned with Infill development within settlements which do not have any other specific notation.

“This policy aims to support development within a settlement boundary whereby it does not erode the character of the surrounding area by either under- or overdevelopment, whilst complying with the provisions of policy SG LSD2.

“It should also be noted that outline planning consent has already been obtained on this site for the same development with that application having been assessed under the same policy criteria as this new application.

“This confirms that the principle of establishing a single house on this site is generally acceptable, subject to further details also being acceptable in terms of policy requirements.

“The proposed site has the ability to enable the siting of a modestly-sized dwelling while respecting the development pattern of the surrounding area.

“Despite there being no other dwellings on this side of Church Street, this has been achieved by proposing the building to also face the road whilst adopting and respecting the existing building line of the streetscape, currently defined by the hall to the west.

“This pattern of a stepped back building set back from the road is also mirrored in the same layout which is evident on the opposite side of Church Street.

“Concerns have been raised by neighbouring properties in relation to the potential impact the development may have upon their residential amenity.

“However, having assessed the indicative design, layout and orientation of the proposed dwelling it is not anticipated that the proposed dwelling will cause any undue negative impact upon residential amenity in terms of overlooking, overshadowing or overbearig.”

Mr Newlands added: “This application is recommended for approval.”