Councillors give reports

At the Fraserburgh Community Council meeting last week, Fraserburgh and District councillors were in attendance to give updates on the work they had undertaken and addressed in the community.

Councillor Michael Watt began by updating those in attendance on the Fraserbrugh Gala.

Councillor Watt informed everyone that, in order to raise further funds for the coming gala, the committee had decided to hold an auction on August 16 at the Dalrymple Hall.

Of the proceeds raised by people auctioning off their unwanted goods, which is limited to two items per person, 10% will go to the Gala.

The Community Council, meanwhile, raised concerns over a several years old sign that had begun to deteriorate on the corner where Denmark Street and High Street meet.

Councillor Brian Topping said he would look into it, while Councillor Watt, on the subject of signage, said that the warning signs along the shore had now been erected.

The Community Council also raised concerns about the state of the town centre, with the Gala nearing. It was suggested that having empty shops and boarded up windows would not convey a desirable image of the town.

Councillor Watt replied, saying: “Things can happen quite quickly. I have sold one shop and I’m in the process of selling another.”

The councillor added that Fraserburgh Forward had funding to create colourful boards to brighten up boarded up stores.

Councillor Topping commented on the issue of unsightly premises, saying: “People must realise that most of these shops are privately owned. The council cannot do anything about it.”

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