Councillors vote to abandon standing orders

Fraserburgh's Council Chambers.
Fraserburgh's Council Chambers.

Councillors found themselves voting over whether or not to abandon standing orders and potentially see a vote on whether or not to abandon Fraserburgh’s Council Chambers.

The issue had arisen when an item regarding an a councillor questionnaire had been brought up to Banff and Buchan Area Committee.

There had been confusion between councillors as to the findings in the report which said, while 100% of respondents found the venue and practical arrangements for area committee meetings were appropriate, the report indicated one councillor had remarked: “the Council Chambers in Fraserburgh are completely unsatisfactory as a venue for any meeting.”

Fraserburgh and district councillor Ian Tait suggested, in response to the report, that the questionnaires be made available as there was a “clear difference” in the findings which said 100% of councillors in Aberdeenshire felt that venues were appropriate while suggesting “you told us that,” in reference to councillors, there were deficiencies.

Chair of the Banff and Buchan Area Committee, Councillor John Cox responded: “I wouldn’t want to engage in a confidential survey for it to be overturned into the public domain at a later date.”

Meanwhile, Councillor Ian Gray commented during the debate that the toilet facilities at the venue were unacceptable.

“The toilet facilities out there are scandalous,” he said, before being assured by Councillor Tait that money was available to install both male and female facilities.

Councillor Gray, however, moved that the group leave the Chambers until both female and male toilets were installed, the chambers currently only having one wash room.

In order to propose the motion, a call for the standing orders to be abandoned was made, but, ultimately, failed, when it could not get the support of two-thirds of the present councillors.