Councillors welcome back Banff bus link

Councillors Brian Topping and Charles Buchan.
Councillors Brian Topping and Charles Buchan.

Fraserburgh and district councillors Charles Buchan and Brian Topping have this week spoken of their delight that a bus link between Fraserburgh and Banff is to return.

Previously, there had been a link between the two coastal towns before it had been disbanded, a service for college students still provided to and from Banff at set times.

On Tuesday, the councillors met with us at Fraserburgh’s bus station to discuss the link which they described as completing the coastal route.

“At the last two bus forum meetings, which I have chaired, the issue has come up.

“It’s a very good meeting to raise issues at which are then looked at,” Councillor Topping said.

He continued: “I raised this issue many years ago, and Aberdeenshire Council did subsidise a bus. Unfortunately, they were hardly ever used.”

Now, however, Aberdeenshire Council have approved plans, they say, to subsidise a bus 100% to take people between the two towns, benefitting those who may need to travel to college, court or the hospital.

“There will be more information from the public transport unit, and a proper launch in January.

“I would just encourage people to use it. If it is, it will continue,” Councillor Topping added.

Reflecting on the news, Councillor Buchan said: “At present, there is a missing link in the coastal path.

“This could well help tourism because, at present, Fraserburgh seems to be missing out.

“It will mean people won’t have to drive, reducing the carbon footprint, and could promote businesses and trade in both towns,” he added.

The councillors were also in agreement that the link would also make it easier for those wishing to travel to Moray and Inverness, thanking Neil Stuart at the public transport unit for his effort in bringing the link to reality.

They also promoted the benefit of the bus forum, suggesting that the meeting was the ideal place for 
issues to be looked at by councillors and Aberdeenshire Council.