Anti-social behaviour at Broadsea discussed

A meeting looking at anti-social behaviour at Broadsea was hosted by Councillor Ian Tait on Wednesday last week.

Residents of Broadsea were invited along to give their views and to get an update on the ongoing situation.

Councillor Tait told the Fraserburgh Herald that a local resident had come forward and told him about the problem of on-street drinkers at Broadsea.

On-street drinking is, itself, a problem that continues to cause some residents of Fraserburgh problems across the town, with the beach and Broadsea particularly affected.

Cllr Tait told us: “When constituents in a local area like this come to me with a problem, it is far better to meet them as a group so you get all the problems out into the open at one time and so you can get a total, overall solution if possible.”

The three main issues to arise at Cllr Tait’s anti-social behaviour meeting were the issues of dog fouling not being picked up by dog owners, public drinking and the repercussions of it, and the coastal path being unusable due to the aforementioned public drinkers.

To combat these issues, Councillor Tait agreed to propose the following to the appropriate authorities:

q To erect signs asking dog owners to keep their dogs on a leash while using the path along the residential area at Broadsea;

q That the signs also ask dog owners to pick up dog dirt and place it in the provided bins, and to review the location of those bins;

q To request council and police officers, as well as community wardens, to patrol the area on a more regular basis, and issue fines to people not picking up after their dog after being warned;

q To request police and community wardens make contact with on-street drinkers and warn them that drinking and urinating in public is an offence;

q To ask the police if photographs and CCTV footage taken by residents of people on-street drinking would be admissible as evidence for conviction;

q To request the police put a pain clothes patrol in the area;

q To erect signs in various languages beside the benches warning people that public drinking and urinating is an offence.

Cllr Tait added: “This is a new approach to solving a long standing problem. Moreover, we can use it in other residential areas similarly afflicted but I would stress one important factor and that is residents must be given a full opportunity to play their part. This is done by council and police officers keeping residents updated and in turn being updated by the residents.”