Broch care home worker guilty of misconduct


A Fraserburgh care home worker has been found guilty of misconduct after she failed to help a resident who had fallen from their bed.

Barbara Milne was issued a warning by the Conduct Sub-Committee of The Scottish Social Services Council following the incident at St Modans Care Home on December 5 2014.

The Sub-Committee found that Ms Milne had failed to activate a buzzer and lift her patient from the floor to the bed while assisting her.

Ms Milne was also found to have failed to report the incident to a senior member of staff and failing to inform her manager when asked about the incident.

The Sub-Committee also stated that in November 2014 Ms Milne had failed to wear personal protective equipment while caring for service users and in doing so put them at risk of harm.

Evidence was also heard in relation to Ms Milne’s case that, “at the time, St Modens Care Home in Fraserburgh was in a state of crisis”.

It was agreed then that Ms Milne had not “repeatedly” failed to inform her line manager that the patient had fallen.

Ms Milne was issued with a warning that will remain on her record for three years for the incidents which, “could have resulted in harm to service users.”

However the Sub-Committee also took into consideration that Ms Milne had no previous history with the Council, her conduct did not amount to repeated incidents of poor practice and that her conduct was not deliberate or premeditated.

They also found that Ms Milne expressed regret and that there had been no actual harm to service users.

Ms Milne can appeal the decision.