Councillor calls on public to support police

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a Fraserburgh Councillor is lending his support to local police this New Year.

As well as supporting officers in undertaking their duties, Councillor Ian Tait is also encouraging members of the public to come forward when they become victims of crime or witness criminal activity.

Councillor Tait said: “At the start of this year I would like to support the local police inspector in his policing aims for our local community as expressed in the local policing update.

“The police work on an intelligence-led basis. This means that when the public report matters to them they can react and deal with the problem. If the problem occurs again, do not be backward in reporting it again. The police computers can build up the profile from the number of times people report the offence and deal with the matter appropriately.

“The police have to use their resources to best advantage and like all other services nowadays their resources are limited. So we have to help where possible by reporting the problems and any information to them.

“My understanding is that the local police are directed from the centre as to which problems to go to. I have had constitituents criticise the police Call Centre service but it is the easiest number to get through to the police on.”

The police can be contacted on 0845 600 5 700. For emergencies dial 999.

Cllr Tait added: “A few of my constituents’ pet hates are the various forms of anti-social behaviour such as drinking in public, littering, vandalism and of course there are others.

“In speaking with the police, they expressed hope that members of the public would come to them as soon as they witness an offence. It is of much greater benefit to the police if they can get the information as soon and as accurately as possible from the person witnessing the offence. We all want to help the police as much as possible in their difficult task.

“Working together is the formula for success. The police cannot be everywhere but the public may be there and so I ask my constituents to help the police as much as they can. In turn, the police must acknowledge the public’s help by getting back to them and thanking them for their help - a phone call is all that is required.”

Fraserburgh Inspector Alan Brown added: “We are encouraging members of the public to report crimes. We find we’re getting told information but second or third hand, so it can be a week or ten days before we get this information.

“We’re looking to the public to work with us and we’re looking to tackle problems.

“I’d rather get the information, even anonymously, to benefit the community.”

If you would like to report a crime anonymously, contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 or the Grampian Police Service Centre on 0845 600 5700.