Councillor hits out at beach life ring vandalism

Brian Topping at Fraserburgh Beach, next to part of the vandalised life ring.
Brian Topping at Fraserburgh Beach, next to part of the vandalised life ring.

Fraserburgh councillor Brian Topping has expressed his disgust at vandalism to a potentially life-saving safety ring at the Broch beach.

Councillor Topping first noticed that the life-ring had been removed from its usual stand while walking his dog at the beach early on Tuesday morning.

Then, when he returned to the beach early on Wednesday morning, at around 7.45am, he noticed that the rope part of the life-ring had been neatly coiled up in a carrier bag and nestled in the long grass next to a kitchen knife.

Councillor Topping told the Fraserburgh Herald that he informed the police and the council following the discovery.

However, when the councillor returned to the beach at around 10.15am on Wednesday morning, the knife and the rope had been removed, while the yellow plastic part of the life-saving equipment lay discarded in the dunes.

Councillor Topping, who is also chair of the Fraserburgh Community Safety Group, commented: “I think this is an act of stupidity, one that could actually cost lives.

“I would urge anyone who has seen anything suspicious over the last few days to please report it to the police.

“I have now reported it to the police and to the council.

“It’s mindless. The day after I found it I was out at 7.30 on Wednesday morning and saw that the rope had been cut from the two inflatables and was neatly coiled up in a bag in the grass with a knife lying next to it.

“This is a senseless act by someone who doesn’t appreciate that this is here to save lives - and that person should be ashamed of themselves.”