Councillor hits out at illegal drinkers

Councillor Brian Topping at Fraserburgh's beach on Monday, July 21.
Councillor Brian Topping at Fraserburgh's beach on Monday, July 21.

Fraseburgh and district councillor Brian Topping is pulling no punches when it comes to highlighting illegal drinking at Fraserburgh’s beach.

The SNP councillor this week toured the beach with the Fraserburgh Herald, pointing to evidence of people breaking the byelaw which prevents public consumption of alcohol in the town and setting fires on the dunes.

“I make no apologies for raising this issue again about public drinking and fire raising, deliberate or otherwise,” he told us.

Councillor Topping has previously spoken out against both activities during his time as a councillor, the beach a regular target of both.

“I’m all for people enjoying themselves, but the drinking in public byelaw was brought in because it was a such a problem with people leaving their litter everywhere.

“Anytime there’s a decent day, you’ll always find broken bottles, cans, litter - sometimes barbecues - just left. The place is just devastated.”

On Monday, the councillor showed us a series of points along the dunes where evidence of drinking had taken place, broken bottles and empty cans littering the site of the old miniature train metres from a play area for children.

“To me, it’s got to stop. I would urge everyone to report and, and would appreciate the police being supportive of this.

“It really is horrendous, the amount of times I or others have to pick up other people’s rubbish.

“It really annoys me. Everyone has got to play their part to keep it nice for ourselves and visitors to the town,” he added.