Councillor launches crackdown on public street drinking issue

Councillor Brian Topping plans to have a zero tolerance stance on public drinkers.

Speaking to the Fraserburgh Herald, Councillor Topping claimed that ignorance of the law is not an adequate excuse, given the severity of the crime and problem public drinking has become for his constituents in Fraserburgh.

“There is a by-law in place that covers the whole of Fraserburgh, not just the high street as some people may believe,” he told us.

“If we can get residents to come forward and say that this person was breaking the law, then we will enforce that law. The Herald ran a story some time ago about a dog named Steel, who cut his paw and his owners had to pay £150 to get him stitched up. The problem of on-street drinking goes far deeper than creating a threatening atmosphere.

“It has been suggested that signs warning people of the law should be erected in the most afflicted areas of this problem – the town centre, the beach and the Broadsea area. The Community Council supports me on this, and it is something that we will definitely try to get done for my constituents in the future,” added the Councillor.

At present, anyone caught drinking on the street in Fraserburgh faces a fixed penalty fine of £45. With Fraserburgh’s multicultural population, however, signs warning people of the law may have to be provided in different languages, something the councillor refutes:

“If we can have a sign with a car and a line through it to tell people that no cars are allowed beyond this point, then we can surely have a sign with a bottle on it to enforce the same basic law,” he said.

“Anyone who is unsure of the law can go to the police station and see the by-law for themselves, written in several different languages. Ignorance is not an excuse for the failure to abide by the law. We should have zero tollerance on anyone caught drinking in a public place,” stated CllrTopping.

He went on to give information to the Herald about other plans he has for Fraserburgh, including the replacing of broken walls near the Leisure Centre, and his on-going campaign to create a bus route for the cemetery.

“The walls by the Leisure Centre are in need of repair, and I have brought this to the attention of the Community Council. We plan to fix those and install countermeasures to ensure that they remain unbroken. A cemetery bus route is still on the agenda.”