Councillor scrutinises the Police

A local councillor has voiced his disappointment in Grampian Police in relation to a letter he composed to the Chief Constable.

Councillor Ian Tait wrote the letter which 53 of his constituents signed regarding the dangers at Memsie junction and the need for cameras to be installed at the Ardallie side of the junction.

Mr Tait said: “I sent the letter to the chief constable on 11 October and received an acknowledgement from the chief constable dated 18 October saying he had received the letter and he had passed it to an appropriate officer to be dealt with.

“On November 17, a whole month later, I received a phone call from a police officer saying it was not competent for the police to answer the letter definitively since the council had not specified the type and placement of the cameras.I would have thought the police could have contacted the council to establish what was involved in terms of type and placement.

“This is an example, in my opinion, of failed community planning which the council and the police are bound to do under the Single Outcome Agreement. Apart from the Police taking about a month to respond to a letter only to say they could not act in the matter as it was, the gist of the police officer’s advice was they only commented on what the council proposed.

“There was nothing stopping the police officer from lifting the phone and talking to the council officers.

“This is a matter of extreme concern to my constituents and I want to inform them as to how the council and the Police are not working together efficiently.

“In my view, the performance of the police has been less than satisfactory in this matter.”

In response to Cllr Tait’s claims, Chief Inspector Ian Wallace, head of Roads Policing, said: “I am aware of Councillor Tait’s comments, which are unfortunately inaccurate and do not reflect our involvement in this matter.

“Grampian Police take issues of road safety very seriously and we have had recent discussions with Aberdeenshire Council about the junction. The Local Authority and Grampian Police have a long and successful history of working closely on road safety issues which has seen a number of areas of concern being addressed. Councillor Tait will receive a formal response to his earlier letter in the very near future.”