Dirty needle sends man to hospital ahead of Christmas

Gallowhill Road, Fraserburgh.
Gallowhill Road, Fraserburgh.

A Fraserburgh man was forced to go to hospital just days before Christmas after he accidentally jabbed himself with a dirty needle left lying in the road.

The needle, which he says was found on Gallowhill Road, Fraserburgh, was picked up by the family pet on a morning walk.

The victim of the needle, who wishes to remain anonymous, told us that the dog, who is just six months old, has a habit of picking up most things it comes across on the ground. Noticing that the end of the needle was hanging out of the animal’s mouth, he had reached down to grab it before the pup could do any damage to itself and, when he brought his hand back, the needle had embedded into his own thumb.

Heading straight to Fraserburgh hospital, the man involved was informed that he would have to travel to Aberdeen for blood tests, the results of which are expected in around three months time.

He said: “It’s just really frustrating that someone would leave a needle on the ground like that, especially when you consider that it’s not exactly a remote place in the town.

“The results of the blood tests are due back in three months, so it’s just a matter of waiting for them.”

Needle users in Fraserburgh are able to get information on exchanging their used needles safely via the Substance Misuse Service at Kessock Road, ensuring incidents like these are avoided.

For more information on the Substance Misuse Service in Fraserburgh, please call 01346 585167.

The animal involved is not believed to have suffered any injuries in the incident.