Fraserburgh drug dealer jailed after text messages found

A FRASERBURGH cocaine dealer has been jailed after incriminating text messages were found on his mobile phone.

A substantial amount of the Class A drug was found when police searched the Rowan Grove home of Ian McLaren (50) on March 21.

A sum of money and other controlled substances were also found.

McLaren and six others were arrested but no DNA evidence could be found to link him to the drugs and money.

McLaren was caught when police found text messages from potential customers on his mobile phone.

Procurator Fiscal David Thorburn said that one of the text messages read “It’s John. Can I pop round for a ‘50’?”

He said that a ‘50’ was a term used to describe an amount of crack cocaine.

Defence agent Sam Milligan said that McLaren had not been in trouble with the law until five years ago when he became involved with a partner who had an addiction to drugs.

He said: “Mr McLaren was offence free until the age of 45 years. He was very much a contributor to society. But his descent into drug use has been more like a freefall.”

Sheriff Marysia Lewis sentenced McLaren to 12 months’ imprisonment.