Fraserburgh man jailed for £53,000 fire

The High Court in Glasgow were Dale Sivewright pled guilty to wilful fireraising last month
The High Court in Glasgow were Dale Sivewright pled guilty to wilful fireraising last month

A Fraserburgh man has been jailed for nearly four years after setting fire to his home in February and costing Aberdeenshire Council over £50,000 in damages.

Dale Sivewright, also known as Dale Stewart, had plead guilty to wilful fireraising last month at the High Court in Glasgow but Judge Lord Burns deferred sentencing until today when Sivewright appeared at the High Court in Aberdeen.

The court heard previously how the 21-year-old, who is currently in prison on another charge, barricaded the door of his flat in Barrasgate Road on February 23 before deliberately setting fire to items, including a sofa.

The blaze caused £53,000 pounds of damage to the block of flats in which he was living and took two hours for fire crews to bring under control.

Sivewright was the only person in the block of flats at the time of the fire.

Acting for the defence, Shahid Latif said that his client was experiencing personal problems at the time of the fire.

Mr Latif said that the 21-year-old was keen to get professional help in prison with his difficulties.

He said: "He felt abandoned.

"He does not want his mother to see him drifting in and out of prison for the near future, which is what will happen if he does not address these issues."

Sivewright had also pled guilty at an earlier hearing to brandishing a knife and making threats at his property three days before the fire.

The court heard previously that police had found him on the roof of the block screaming that he was going to go "mental".

However Lord Burns said that he had no choice but to impose a prison sentence.

The judge said: "You've pled guilty to the two offences, each of which caused considerable expenditure of resources and was committed just a month after you were released from a sentence for similar offences.

"The second of these incidents was a very serious one which not only caused the deployment of the emergency services but also caused more than 50,000 pounds worth of damage."

Judge Burns sentenced Sivewright to three years and 10 months in prison.

The sentence will start in February next year, on the date of his earliest release from his current spell behind bars.