MSP hits out at ‘voluntary’ stop and search

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A North East MSP has accused the Justice Secretary of setting a worrying precedent by refusing to question the controversial increased use of “voluntary” stop and search by police.

During a debate on stop and search in the Scottish Parliament recently, North East MSP and Scottish Liberal Democrat justice spokesperson Alison McInnes highlighted figures which show the majority of stop and searches are carried out without reasonable suspicion.

Speaking after the debate, Ms McInnes said: “Any liberal-minded person will be rightly concerned that the Justice Secretary condones the police simply appropriating powers to themselves.

“Rather than intelligence led stop and search targeting suspicious behaviour the police are targeting young boys and men on the grounds that they are young and male.

“This profiling is being done with the Justice Secretary’s blessing. Kenny MacAskill, backed by the SNP, has today given the Chief Constable carte blanche. This is a worrying precedent to set.”