Mum speaks out over alleged Fraserburgh Academy attack

Fraserburgh Academy
Fraserburgh Academy

The mother of a teenager who was allegedly attacked in Fraserburgh Academy and a video posted online has hit out at the school’s reaction.

The mother, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said the school told her it would only suspended the boy who attacked her son for two days.

She said: “They said he had to be back in school on the Friday because it was a holiday.”

The mother believes that a far greater deterrent is needed by the school to stop these alleged attacks from happening.

The video shows one teenager being grabbed from behind and hit over the head with another person shouting “stamp on his head”.

She said: “I think people like this should be expelled.

“It’s unacceptable that people can just come up from behind and start punching people on the head.”

The mother also demanded a sit down with the parents of the teenager who allegedly beat her son but she said the school told her that this was not possible.

She added: “Because it happened on school property I want to be in a room and see why this kind of thing is happening.

“If it didn’t happen in the school then I would have to go to the door and ask if this was correct.”

Vincent Docherty, head of secondary education at Aberdeenshire Council, said: “Clearly the video shows completely unacceptable behaviour and this incident was appropriately dealt with at the time.

“Any form of violence within school grounds is treated very seriously and we will not tolerate this sort of behaviour.”

Since the publication of this article Mr Docherty has further said: “Safety within our schools and surrounding communities is important and everyone has a part to play in supporting the wellbeing and security of young people.

“Staff at Fraserburgh Academy took swift action to address recent individual incidents involving pupils and involved Police Scotland as appropriate.”

A teenage boy has since been charged by Police Scotland over the incident.

The Head of Secondary Education added: “Young people are aware of the dangers of bullying behaviour, online and offline, with policies in place to protect them.

We also continue to raise awareness of all the issues young people may face, whether it is bullying, or violent behaviour and we do this alongside partner organisations and with parents to ensure Aberdeenshire has safe learning spaces for all.” The mother of the victim also spoke out against the trend of videos being taken of such attacks and posted online.

Last month two female teenagers were also charged following an alleged attack in Fraserburgh where the video was posted online.

The mother said: “Something has to be done about the videos.

“They have to stop,

“People even think about taking their own lives because they feel humiliated.”