New police operation sees 300 arrests in Shire

Picture: John Devlin
Picture: John Devlin

A new Police operation to tackle violent crime in the North East has already resulted in more than 300 arrests across the region.

Operation PINE detected 29 offences in the north of Aberdeenshire from May 6 to May 2o as it tries to tackle violence in the area.

Local Sergeant Kevin MacDonald, of the Divisional Alcohol Violence Reduction Unit (DAVRU), said he is pleased the benefits are already being felt.

He said: “There is nothing more important to Police than the safety of our local communities, and Operation PINE will serve to further strengthen our commitment to tackling violence and violent crime.

“It goes without saying that the impact violence has on victims and their families can be far-reaching, and it can also have significant and lasting consequences for perpetrators of violent crime and their families.”

The initial phase was conducted in the lead-up to the official launch of the Operation last week, and marks the beginning of prolonged, action across the North East

Of the 29 offences detected two were connected to a licensed premise, seven were domestic related and seven were breach of bail orders.

Direct measures in the form of Fixed Penalty Notices in relation to anti-social behaviour were issued on one occasion, while six warrants were executed with a focus on links to violence and Organised Crime Groups.

Sergeant MacDonald said: “Our message right across the North East is clear in that offenders are not welcome in our communities, and that those do offend will be dealt with.”