Over forty arrests in North East during crackdown on domestic abuse

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More than forty people in the North East have been arrested in the last week during a crackdown on incidents of domestic abuse.

A total of 42 men and women aged between 16 and 54 years of age were arrested for a range of crimes including 11 in connection with assault, 12 in connection with threatening and abusive behaviour, five for communications offences and three for breaches of Court Bail Orders.

Meanwhile six individuals were arrested on outstanding apprehension warrants, four individuals were charged in connection with Serious Assaults, and another male was charged in connection with a Robbery.

The arrests came as part of the latest six-day phase of operation PINE launched on June 21 which aims to combat violence.

Chief Inspector Murray Main, who is leading Operation PINE, said: “Domestic violence is a cowardly crime that no-one should have to suffer.

“We are committed to tackling all forms of domestic abuse - it is appalling and completely unacceptable in society.”

He added: “We have specially trained and experienced officers who can offer practical advice and support in all aspects of domestic abuse, and we will proactively identify and arrest offenders and continue to monitor their compliance with any Bail conditions or home curfews after they’ve been to court.”

Sergeant Mike Stobie, of the Divisional Alcohol Violence Reduction Unit, said the safety of vulnerable members of our local communities is a key priority.

He said: “Our message is quite clear - domestic abuse is a blight on our communities and anyone committing this type of crime will face the consequences.”

The six-day phase was undertaken in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray and involved local Community Policing Officers and members of the Divisional Alcohol and Violence Reduction Unit.