Police encourage residents to have a safe Halloween weekend

Police Scotland
Police Scotland

Police in Aberdeenshire and Moray are encouraging residents of all ages to make sure that this year’s Halloween weekend is a safe and enjoyable one.

The Halloween period has passed quietly across the region over the past few years, however there are still residents who have been affected by a minority whose antisocial behaviour can ruin what should be a fun and family-orientated time of year.

As the big weekend approaches, Police are issuing some simple guidance for young people to ensure that Halloween passes safely and that antisocial or irresponsible behaviour is avoided.

PC Kev Marron, Crime Reduction Officer, said: “Parents and young people are advised to stay in well-lit areas and consider carrying a torch. It will be dark and it is vital to stay visible so passing traffic can see you.

“We also ask that the public take care not to frighten elderly people or young children.

“Not everyone participates in this festivity, so if a sign says ‘No trick or treat’, respect their wishes and move on.

“It is also important not to enter a house unless you know the person. We advise that young children should always be with an adult, while other children should stay together with friends.

“Parents should ensure that they know where their children are going and when they will be back.

“Police Scotland also asks local traders to monitor the sales of eggs and flour to youths and children.

“Past experience tells us that there is often a thin line between fun and antisocial behaviour and we appreciate assistance from our commercial partners in making sure this line is not crossed.”