Resident responds to Broch street drinking allegations


The Fraserburgh Herald reported last week that residents of Caledonia Court were finding it difficult to live with the Broch’s midnight drinkers after one resident came forward with damning allegations against some pub patrons.

But fellow resident Lena Grant has come forward to dismiss the claims saying that this is not the case.

In a letter representing the views of the residents Mrs Grant has spoken to, she told the Fraserburgh Herald that “for the past two years.... the town centre and High Street where we are has had little or no problem with people wandering around drunk and ruining the town for everyone.”

She continued: “This resident had no right speaking for us as this is not a true reflection regarding residents.

“In this economic crisis we are grateful for all the hard work the bars, the pubwatch scheme and the police do to make the town safer and quiter for the people.

“I phoned Inspector John Esson at Grampian Police.

“He informed me that no complaints had been made for some time and most of us believe this as there is no problem.

“So whoever this resident is, he does not have the backing of his neighbours, and please, if you feel a reply is needed, let your name be known as this is a bad reflection on the men who stay here...”

Mrs Grant also said that Caledonia Court has expeirenced trouble in the past, but that the main concern for residents was “boy racers” travelling at loud, high speeds in the town centre until the early hours of the morning.

However, since the erection of a CCTV camera in the town centre, she says that this problem has been lessened.

Councillor Brian Topping hopes to install ‘no drinking’ signs in Fraserburgh in the future, removing ignorance of the law as an excuse for people caught drinking.