Resident speaks out on street drinkers

NO DRINKING: The proposed sign Councillor Brian Topping hopes to install across Fraserburgh.'Picture: Submitted.
NO DRINKING: The proposed sign Councillor Brian Topping hopes to install across Fraserburgh.'Picture: Submitted.

A local man has spoked out against on-street drinkers and the troubles that they cause for the community. The man, a resident of Caledonia Court, High Street, also said that anti-social behaviour in the town centre is something that needs to be addressed.

The resident, who does not wish to be named amid safety concerns, told the Fraserburgh Herald that people travelling in the town centre at night, drunk, were ruining the town for everyone.

“There are pensioners at Caledonia Court who cannot get to sleep,” the resident said.

“Folk are paying for these CCTV cameras and they are not being used to prevent these people committing crimes.”

An issue that the resident was keen to stress was that local bars are supposedly allowing drinkers outside with their glasses and bottles, adding to much of the problems across the town in regards to broken glass and litter.

The Fraserburgh Herald asked Inspector John Esson for his views on the matter.

Asking if the problem of on-street drinking was getting worse, the inspector said:

“No, not from our point of view - it is not something that has been reported to us.”

Inspector Esson added that there are patrols on the weekend to prevent people drinking on the street, but stated that on-street drinking to the extreme “has never been an issue.”

“It could have easily been people who have come out of houses with bottles,” Inspector Esson said when questioned about whether or not members of the public were taking glasses out of bars.

He continued:

“All licensed premises are members of the pub watch scheme . . . It used to be an issue years ago, but it’s not something we see today.”

Councillor Brian Topping, who has long campaigned to erect ‘no drinking’ signs across the town has previously told the Fraserburgh Herald that on-street drinkers should be charged for the offence, claiming that ignorance of the law was not an excuse.

Speaking about allegations, Councillor Brian Topping said:

“If members of the public see these things or have concerns, then I encourage them to contact the appropriate authorities.

“If they report it, the police can hopefully catch these people breaking the law.

“CCTV can spot these things, but only when you report it can we look at the CCTV footage to see if this offence has been caught on camera.

“I sympathise with the people affected by this behaviour.

“It is certainly an offence and it shouldn’t be happening,” the councillor added.

Consumption of alcohol in public places is an offence in Fraserburgh, and residents are advised to contact Grampian Police should they witness anyone breaking the law.