Road Safety & Road Crime Strategy Launched


Police Scotland has launched its Road Safety & Road Crime Strategy for 2015 – 2018.

It has been developed to support the operational focus on keeping people safe, whilst working towards the Scottish Government’s 2020 casualty targets.

The public has told Police Scotland road safety is a key local priority across the country. As such, the new strategy has five key elements: effective patrolling of the roads, improve road user behaviour, detect and deter road crime, tackle anti-social use of the roads and combat the threat of terrorism.

The strategy reinforces the efforts of officers across Scotland to reduce casualties and fatalities on roads by influencing driver behaviour.

Police Scotland is vowing to make the country’s road network a hostile environment for criminals, with the launch of the strategy, which spans the next three years.

It focuses on the use of a range of tactics reduce the criminal use of our road network, such as the transportation of drugs and counterfeit goods ensuring the country’s roads are inhospitable to unlawful behaviour.