UPDATE: Fraserburgh doctor suspended for 2 months for punching patient

Saltoun Surgery in Fraserburgh
Saltoun Surgery in Fraserburgh

A Fraserburgh doctor has been suspended for 2 months by a medical tribunal after punching a patient in the face.

Dr Martin Thom, who is listed as a doctor at Saltoun Surgery, was suspended by the Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) after being convicted of assault in November 2015.

The 2 month suspension will start within 28 days of Dr Thom receiving written confirmation of the Tribunal's verdict unless he decided to appeal the decision in the interim.

Mr Thom admitted before the Tribunal to a charge where he attended to a 25-year-old man who had collapsed in the street - apparently under the influence of alcohol or drugs - pushed him so he banged his head on a wall and punched him in the face twice.

Making the decision, Mrs Michele Codd, MPTS tribunal chair, said: “Your assault was perpetrated on a man whom you had been called upon to assist in your professional capacity as a doctor.

“Furthermore this was someone who appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol and was therefore vulnerable.

“By your admission of guilt, you accepted that you had exceeded the level of force that was justified to deal with the situation before you.”

The Tribunal did note that Dr Thom had demonstrated remediation after his conviction by attending courses and that repetition of his actions was “highly unlikely.”

Mrs Codd said: "You have demonstrated that you fully appreciate the gravity of what occurred.

"There is no evidence of any repetition and the Tribunal is satisfied that there is a low risk of repetition in the future.

"The Tribunal is therefore satisfied that patients will not be placed at risk."

A spokesperson for NHS Grampian said they would note the decision.