Vandals target four corners for second time

Vandals have again targeted the renovated shelter at the four corners, Fraserburgh, setting light to what appears to have been an aerosol can.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 29th November 2012, 4:38 am

The resulting fire damage from the can has seen the cement slabbing and painted walls of the shelter, which was the result of local volunteers giving up their time for the project, being damaged.

Investigating the scene on Saturday morning, chips had been caused on the newly placed slabbing at the shelter, with assorted cans and bottles of alcohol littering the site, within sight of a pictorial ‘no drinking’ sign.

The shelter was earlier targeted by vandals who spray painted a flag onto one of the walls of the shelter, ahead of derogatory remarks appearing on the same wall written in black marker pen.

Readers of the Fraserburgh Herald commented on the second attack on the Herald’s Facebook page, a link to which can be found at

Stuart Fenty wrote that the vandals were “mindless” and “ignorant,” commenting that they “Get a

“Why, if it’s Brochers, are you doing this?

“This is your town, with a lot of heritage, and all the work that was done, what a shame - disgusted,” wrote reader Liz Goodbrand.

Meanwhile, James Mclean said: “It’s this kind of thing that makes the Broch look like a dump and stop people from coming here. It’s a disgrace.”

In September, Fraserburgh locals had formulated the plan to clean and repair the four corners after discussions online, removing the existing graffiti at the site and making aesthetic improvements to the shelter.

Later, in October, pictorial ‘no drinking’ signs began to be erected around Fraserburgh, warning that public drinking carried a penalty.