Warning issued over bogus callers

GRAMPIAN Police are reminding householders to be wary of ‘cold callers’ offering to carry out maintenance work in or around their homes.

This follows an incident in the Daviot area where work was carried out on a driveway at a private house where the alleged workmen asked the householder for a large sum of money as payment. The money asked for was not in keeping with the standard of work carried out.

Constable Andy Rankin, Crime Reduction Officer for Aberdeenshire Division, asks all property owners to heed the following advice:

“Don’t agree to any work on the basis of a verbal quote on your doorstep, no matter how much of bargain this may appear to be.

“These workmen are very plausible and have marked vans and printed advertising leaflets etc. If you need work done, obtain written quotes from local reputable companies.

“Whatever you do, don’t agree to be taken to the bank by these workmen to withdraw money. Don’t be afraid to say No! “