‘We Can Stop It’ rape awareness campaign launched

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Sex without consent is rape.

That is the simple message from Police Scotland and partners as a month-long nationwide campaign launched this week aimed at challenging perceptions and raising awareness about rape.

We Can Stop It is supported by groups including Rape Crisis Scotland, ASSIST, Scottish Women’s Aid and White Ribbon Scotland.

A website - www.wecanstopit.co.uk– also supports the campaign which is aimed at raising awareness of what rape is, and educating young men, both heterosexual and homosexual into challenging their behaviours.

The campaign aims to provide confidence to anyone who thinks they are victim of a crime that earlier reporting increases the chances of offenders being traced. TV drama has helped highlight the issue with a plot in BBC Scotland’s River City featuring a storyline on rape. Part of the new campaign includes contributions on Facebook from Police Scotland and the Script Editor of the show. The campaign features posters, adverts and social media activity across the country. The posters feature a number of statements from men which support positive behaviour and knowledge that sex without consent is rape.

Assistant Chief Constable Malcolm Graham, Major Crime and Public Protection, said: “Rape is a devastating crime which has a far-reaching impact on victims and families. Changes in the law meant that the definition of rape widened – the clear message being that sex without consent is rape.

“This campaign builds on awareness-raising work previously which challenges men to think about their actions - and the consequences. The campaign is supported by our partners who we work with to ensure victims have access to the assistance they need and that offenders are brought to justice.”