Woman destroyed partner’s property after he ends relationship

A woman appeared at Peterhead Sheriff Court last week after destroying her former partner’s property when he ended their relationship.

Marie-Elese Davidson (33), went to the man’s property on Turlundie Terrace, New Pitsligo, to tell him that she was pregnant.

He then told her to leave the property which was in the middle of being decorated. Davidson then began throwing objects at her partner who then called the police and left the property to go to his brother’s who lives very close by.

Davidson then proceeded to destroy the property by throwing white paint over the walls and over the floors, taking an axe to the windows and successfully smashing them, breaking ornaments and tableware, blocking up a toilet with toilet tissue, dismantling a shower curtain, tearing pictures and paintings from walls, toppling over a fridge, breaking a washing machine and destroying a number of sentimental items given to him by his late mother.

The Procurator Fiscal Alisdair Fay said that there was an estimated £10,000 worth of damage to the property.

He said: “When police arrived they described Miss Davidson as ‘loopy’ and she had paint over her hands, face and all over the home. She also had an axe wrapped in a towel.”

Defence agent Sam Milligan said: “Miss Davidson and her partner are now on good terms and they have mutually agreed that they will resolve the damage caused amongst themselves.

“Miss Davidson is a young woman who has had a number of difficulties in her life and realises that the way she reacted in this situation was not appropriate.”

Sheriff Gregor Murray said: “You cannot take life into your own hands and deal with this in your own way. I will however defer sentencing for six months.”