Crimond hosts 2011 Open Scottish Championships

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The Open Scottish Championship weekend at Crimond got underway last weekend with an open practice session during the Saturday, which saw more than 40 cars during the afternoon.

Conditions were excellent for good, fast racing with sunshine all during the evening meeting.

The Sunday event was also looking to be fine, but just as the finals started, a large shower came from the Mormond Hill area and completely soaked everyone. This made for a bit of excitement with some cars on track on slick tyres which had racers spinning about all over the place, but it certainly sorts out the wet weather drivers who managed to keep all four wheels on the track.

All formulaes were competing in heats during the two days which would place them on the grid for the finals.

No track championship points were being given out for the weekend’s racing so drivers could concentrate on only the Scottish championship event.

One or two visiting drivers made the trip north for the weekend with the largest contingent from the Stoxkarts. This is their annual trip north which has been planned since last year’s event.

Some 13 drivers made the trip north and with the seven local drivers gave everyone a good grid for the weekend. This is a contact formula so the bumpers were being used as and when required, with karts spinning out all over the place.

The only problem with these karts is, as they are direct drive between the engine and rear axle, they have no reverse gear so if they spin out against any of the barriers, they cannot reverse out so the race has to be suspended to assist them to face the correct direction and return to race.

Going into the final the points for the Scotland v England trophy was very close, with only two points between them so the final would decide not only the Scottish champion, but also the Bannockburn Bash Trophy as well.

This final came just as the rain fell and caught out a few drivers.... unfortunately they were all the Scottish drivers who all landed in a heap at the first corner!. That left the way clear for the English drivers to claim both trophies, but never mind there is always next year.


Open Scottish championship - 1 Jonny Lofthouse (Tadcaster), 2 Selwyn Horn (Leeds), 3 Matty Parkinson (West Yorkshire).

Bannockburn Bash Trophy - England.

ORCI Ministox

Open Scottish Championship: 1 Liam Rennie, 2 Ross Smith, 3 Gemma Russell.

Crimond Saloonstox

Open Scottish championship: 1 Scott Ruxton, 2 Ally Strachan, 3 Nicky Bonner.

Hot saloons

Open Scottish championship: 1 Dave largue, 2 Andy Gray, 3 Kyle Slaven.

Outlaw Hot rods

Open Scottish championship: 1 John Buchan, 2 Graham Mcwilliam, 3 Ian Mcguguian.

Unlimited Bangers

Open Scottish championship: 1 Martin Meldrum, 2 John Riddell, 3 William Youngson.

Road Going Saloons

Open Scottish championship: 1 Gordon Reid, 2 Edwin Middleton, 3 Jenny Emslie.

Ladies Hot saloons

Open Scottish championship: 1 Kim Mcdonald, 2 Jennie Murray, 3 Simone Riddell.

Ladies Saloonstox

Open Scottish championship: 1 Rachel Bonner, 2 Ashleigh Simpson, 3 Leanne Mcbain.

The next meeting at Crimond Raceway is this Sunday (August 28), start time 1pm, when the U/L Bangers will be competing for the Steve Mackie Trophy.

The Ladies will be competing for the Saloonstox, Hot Saloon & Banger Boutique (Ellon) trophies, and there is also the return of the Brisca F2 White & Yellow race and the Saloonstox will have round 6 of the Northern Saloonstox championship, so plenty of action guaranteed!