Dalrymple Hall to house Royal Conservatoire?

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The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS) is considering whether to develop Arts activity in the North-east of Scotland.

And Councillor Ian Tait is making sure they are aware of Dalrymple Hall and Arts Centre as a possible venue.

He said: “RCS have a national remit and this includes developing performing arts-based activities in local communities complementary to existing activities. They also support training and pathways in to careers in the performing arts.

“The council has started talking to them about the potential of setting up a similar type of operation in Aberdeenshire – a North-east hub. If there was a decision to proceed, people active in performing arts locally could work with RCS to tailor a programme specific to the needs of the area. I hope that local groups would take the opportunity to work with RCS to create imaginative, useful and entertaining programmes for the people in my ward.

“RCS support could be useful in drawing in the external funding for upgrading the Café Hall. The Council can access this through the Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme (CARS).This provides financial help for conservation initiatives - the Dalrymple Hall and Arts Centre is a B-listed building.

“CARS funding can fund training opportunities for traditional craftspeople and public realm conservation and restoration.”

He concluded: “I believe the best way to conserve a historic building is to make sure it is well used.”