Dance Troop 6.1.0 to startup again

After one year of dancing around Aberdeenshire dance troop 6.1.0 will start running classes again this coming Monday.

The group has had a great year with dance teacher Stephen Summers very pleased after one year in charge.

“This first year of The 6.1.0 Dance Academy has been crazy busy and very overwhelming at the postive feedback I have received,” said Stephen.

“I currently have almost 120 kids who have improved so much in there technique and performance skills in just the short time 6.1.0 has been going.

“The dancer’s dedication and hard work has certainly made my job more enjoyable and hope to continue to see them all develop as dancers.

“We have been very fortunate to dance at several events this year including Invercairn Gala, Moonlight Prowil, Lifeboat Open Day and The Blue Light Festival.”

Stephen will no longer be running the adults class and will be running a 6.1.0 boys class, available to any boys at primary school age.

It will be on a Monday night 6.30-7.30pm at the Dalrymple Hall & Arts Centre.