Dancers head for the States

Dancers from a group in Mintlaw are going to World Championships in the USA in January and others to the British Championships in Blackpool.

Holly- Louise McKenzie teaches dancing every Tuesday in Mintlaw public hall from 6 -7.30pm. The classes consist of solo style dancing which covers every style of dance.

Holly-Louise started teaching solo style after competing in this style for 13 years. She has also got a degree in dance from Edinburgh Telford Dance College.

Over the past couple of months some of the girls and boys in Holly’s group have done a demo in Inverugie Court in Peterhead and Albany court in Fraserburgh to show off their dancing abilities.

Holly-Louise said:

“We did these demos to get the dancers used to dancing in front of people as some of them are going to be competing in competitions.

“Most of the kids have already danced in competitions all over the world, winning titles from Scottish Championships to world Championships.

“Many of the dancers are going to the British championships in 3 weeks time in Blackpool and some are going to America in January to do the world championships. Its really exciting for them and for me as it lets others see all the hard work they have put in and how good they really are.

“Three new girls that have only been dancing since august had their first competition in Glasgow last month. Alyssa won 1st place and Grace came 2nd in their age group and Sammy got 2nd in her age group, This made Alyssa a Scottish champion at a starter level which is fantastic.

“The dancers age from 9 - 18 and include Craig, Steph, Tasha, Chloe, Liamie, Laura, Sammy, Katie, Grace, Alyssa, Zara, Bonnie-Leigh, Caitlin M, Caitlin, Hollie and Megan.

“A big well done to them and to keep up the hard work in classes.”

For information on classes call Holly-Louise on 07875231573 or visit the website