MP urges residents to help register war memorials across the area

David Duguid MP is backing an important initiative to support war memorials across Banff and Buchan.

By John A. MacInnes
Thursday, 28th April 2022, 9:05 am
Updated Thursday, 28th April 2022, 10:05 am
David Duguid is supporting the IWM appeal
David Duguid is supporting the IWM appeal

The initiative, which is supported by the Imperial War Museums (IWM), calls on the public to help document and verify the archives and records of war memorials across the north-east.

Through the work of volunteers and local communities, the initiative aims to complete as many national records as possible before Remembrance Day on November 11.

David Duguid is urging residents from across Banff and Buchan to contribute to the War Memorials Register by ensuring as many memorials as possible are recorded and accessible for future generations.

War memorials across the UK play a central and important role in the heart of our communities in remembering those who served and tragically lost their lives in service of our country.

They also offer a physical and significant space for families to remember and honour those who gave their lives, while also allowing a place to come together as a community.

David said: “I am proud to be standing up for our war heroes and supporting this important initiative to ensure that we remember these selfless servicemen and women.

“In Banff and Buchan, we are immensely proud of all those who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice in standing up for freedom and democracy.

“It is right that these sensitive and important memorials across Banff and Buchan and the rest of the north-east are properly photographed and recorded for posterity.

“I urge anyone to visit the IWM’s memorials website and see what they can do to help.”

The War Memorials Register currently holds records of 96,000 war memorials across the United Kingdom, although there are an estimated 110,000 in total. IWM’s records are constantly updated and added to in order to improve the accuracy and depth of the information available.

Photographs are an important part of the Register, but currently around 46,000 (45%) of the existing records are lacking good images.

Many more are simply unaccounted for, hidden away in the backs of converted schools and churches that are now private homes, or overgrown on walls in quiet parts of a village.

Dame Diane Lees, Director-General of Imperial War Museums, added: “Every war memorial presents a unique historical record and preserves the memories of the men, women, children and animals that it commemorates.

“These memorials form an important part of our cultural heritage, and it has long been IWM’s aim to document the UK’s war memorials and record these important sites of remembrance for posterity.

“We welcome the help of David Duguid MP in encouraging members of the public to help us complete as many of as many of the War Memorials Register’s records as possible, before Remembrance Day in November 2022.”