Democratic process was followed!

Cllr Iain Tait wants suggestions for street names within the new Kirkton Heights development in Fraserburgh.
Cllr Iain Tait wants suggestions for street names within the new Kirkton Heights development in Fraserburgh.

Controversy has hit Fraserburgh regarding new street names at the Kirkton Heights estate currently under construction by Coleran Homes.

The Community Council was asked to come up with suggestions, and did - each being the name of a Scottish lighthouse. This received the blessing of Councillors Topping, Buchan and Watt; with Councillor Tait strongly dissenting.

Coleran Homes, whilst thanking Councillors for their co-operation in successfully developing the site, has also expressed reservations about the proposed names.

In a letter to Banff and Buchan members Coleran say: “We cannot understand why the Community Council has suggested new streets in Fraserburgh be named after areas in the Moray Firth, Peterhead and Shetland. Fraserburgh has enough history and heritage to have new streets named after local people and famous landmarks that have put the town on the world map. For example Coxswain Andrew Noble could be commemorated for his services to the RNLI.

“This, in our opinion, would be a far more fitting theme to use as street names - can you imagine what Peterhead residents would say, due to the friendly rivalry between the two towns, if a new development there had streets named after people/places in the Broch?”

“The street names will likely be around for hundreds of years and we need to leave a positive legacy that local folk will be proud of in generations to come and we don’t feel this will be achieved by the names that have currently been put forward.”

In April, 2016, Coleran suggested the following street names to the local authority: Kinnaird Crescent, Cairn Walk, Fraser Gardens, Pitblae Road and Boothby Crescent.

And there has been some movement.

A spokesman for Aberdeenshire Council said: “Given the majority of councillors [now] want to name one of the streets after a person, local man Jim Crawford, the matter now requires to go to Area Committee in line with our procedures. Consultation is also required with Mr Crawford’s family.

“A report is expected to be presented to the Banff and Buchan Area Committee on March 7 seeking a final decision on the matter.”

Perhaps our readers could favour our letters page with constructive suggestions for the future?

And with phase two of the development to be started at some point in the future, all the names which have been suggested - and not yet, used, could be brought to the fore.