Development plan takes a step forward

The next Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan (LDP) takes a significant step forward over the next two months, following extensive consultation over the winter.

Consultation on the “Main Issues” discussion document had 1,827 responses and raised over 6,000 individual issues.

These submissions have now been analysed and will be presented to Aberdeenshire’s Local Area Committees in May and June.

In July, decisions are expected to be taken by the Infrastructure Services Committee (ISC) as to what will be in the “proposed plan” to be published later in the year, based on the feedback provided by local councillors.

The Aberdeenshire Local Development Plan 2016 will be a planning blueprint for the future of the area.

It will include policies and proposals to determine where new development such as housing and offices will be carried out from 2017 until 2027.

The Main Issues Report raised questions about whether some of the land use policies in the current plan are adequate and appropriate for the period 2017 to 2022. It put forward the sites proposed for development by landowners and developers for public comment.

Significantly, the Main Issues Report concluded that, dependent on decisions taken by the Scottish Government on the Strategic Development Plan, very little new land would be required to be allocated for development.

The Scottish Government is due to publish revised Scottish Planning Policy in mid-June, too late to consider as part of the consultation on the Main Issues Report.

The “Proposed Local Development Plan” for 2016 will be considered by the Full Council in November and is expected to be published at the start of the new

There will then be opportunity to formally object to the proposed plan.

ollowing consideration of any objections, it will be subjected to a public examination over the winter of 2015-16 before Aberdeenshire Council can formally adopt it.