Diamond deal on haggis cakes

Alistair Bruce pictured with his Haggis Cupcakes
Alistair Bruce pictured with his Haggis Cupcakes

A cupcake fancy created from a Burns Supper has been voted the best haggis product in Scotland.

Fraserburgh butcher Bruce of the Broch has scooped the coveted Diamond Award in the Scottish Craft Butchers Haggis Products Awards 2019, the highest recognition from the industry evaluator.

Created by owner Alistair Bruce, the cupcakes are an interpretation of a similar layered product he once enjoyed at a hotel restaurant.

He said: “I thought we could produce a cupcake from layers of perfectly proportioned haggis, neeps and tatties to offer the customers something simple and different. All they have to do is heat it in the oven.

“Our haggis sells well all year round, but it’s important to keep devising new products to present our national dish to the public and keep them interested in it. We decided the Haggis Cupcake was worthy of entering the Scottish Craft Butchers evaluation and we’re absolutely thrilled to take top honours.”

As Burns Night approaches, Bruce of the Broch may have to go into overdrive to meet the expected public demand for Scotland’s top haggis product.

Alistair said: “We will be producing them in two sizes to suit different appetites.”

Douglas Scott, chief executive of Scottish Craft Butchers, was full of praise for the novel haggis entry.

He said: “Our Diamond winner looked amazing when we saw it presented in cake cases and it lived up to expectations when we tasted it - simply delicious!”