Disabled access bikes available to public

Gordon Pittendrigh and Tom Marchant take the tandem bike out for a run
Gordon Pittendrigh and Tom Marchant take the tandem bike out for a run
  • Wheelchair Accessible Bike & Tandem Bike now available to public
  • Wheelchair Accessible available at Leisure Centre
  • Tandem bike available at Robertson Road centre

Two bicycles which aim to give those who otherwise would not be able to experience the fun of cycling the chance are now available to use in Fraserburgh.

A wheelchair accessible bike and tandem bike can be rented out by members of the public for no charge, however a donation to the Inclusive Bike Project for their use is encouraged.

The wheelchair accessible bike is available for use by all and can be booked by phoning the Fraserburgh Community & Sports Centre on 01346 518627.

This bike has a ramp and full safety equipment to ensure a safe way for someone to sit on the bike in their wheelchair with a rider behind them.

It has an electric battery to assist so there are no worries re fitness levels of the rider.

The Tandem bike is available Monday to Friday from 9am to 3 pm and can be booked by phoning the Robertson Road Resource Centre on 01346 515292.

This bike has two side by side bucket seats with dual peddling and four wheels.

One person steers and controls the brakes whilst both pedal.

It is designed for those who lack confidence being on their own on a bike but are able to peddle.

Gordon Pittendrigh, Inclusive Bike Project Coordinator, is encouraging anyone who may be interested to come along and give the bikes a try.

Gordon told the Herald: “The Accessible Bike Project has been set up since August 2014 and we’ve now just opened the two bikes to the public.

“The bikes are free to use but we would encourage a donation to help with funds for keeping up insurance and repairs.

“The bikes give people, who have maybe lost skills or are unable to ride a bike on their own, the chance to enjoy cycling.

“It is also part of the ‘Active for Life’ initiative for Scotland, keeping people more active and getting them to enjoy cycling when maybe before they couldn’t.

“The accessible wheelchair bike is available at the sports centre and the tandem is at Robertson Road.”

The Fraserburgh Community Bike Project, based at Fraserburgh Community & Leisure Centre, aims to capitalise on the spirit of the Olympic and Commonwealth games by providing access to cycling for people with disabilities.

The project was inspired by members of the community, financed entirely by voluntary donations from individuals and organisations in and around the town on behalf of the community.