Dog dirt on our streets is still a problem, says councillor

Councillor Mark Findlater with his dog, Hardie.
Councillor Mark Findlater with his dog, Hardie.

Dog dirt on our streets, paths and play parks is still a problem in our communities, but it is getting better - they are looking cleaner.

As well as the three Dog Wardens there are now 30 officers who have been trained and given the authority to issue fixed penalty notices.

The Clean Dog Walking in Banff and Buchan is an initiative supported by Banff and Buchan Local Community Planning Partners and now has the following communities taking part in Fraserburgh, Gardenstown, Inverallochy, Rosehearty, Portsoy, Sandhaven, Whitehills, Banff and Macduff which are being led by their local community. local partners, the dog wardens, Banff and Macduff Safety Group, Fraserburgh Community Safety Group, Fraserburgh and District Community Council and Banff and Macduff Community Council have helped to establish the Initiative in Banff and Buchan.

Over 145 individuals in Banff and Buchan have signed up to the Clean Dog Walking Initiative, so if you find that you are out walking your dog and you have forgotten your bags, ask a fellow dog walker for one, there is a good chance they are on the scheme.

If you see Hardie and myself out walking, we almost always have bags which we get, for free, from the Environmental Office at the Plain Stanes, Banff Town House, Low Street.

Sometimes we don’t, as my bairns have the annoying habit of pinching my bags out of my jacket, so you may find I will be asking you.

With the summer holidays fast approaching, lets pick up our dog’s dirt and show all of the visitors to this area that we care about our towns and villages. There is nothing worse than getting out of your car to go for a walk somewhere new and the place is covered in dog dirt.

If you think that there is a need for a dual purpose bin (you can use any bin, by the way, to dispose of your bagged dog dirt) in a location, let me know. Please remember, though, that our brilliant waste lads and lasses have to go and empty the bins so it has to be in an amenable place for the waste staff and dog walkers alike.

If you are interested in joining the initiative as an individual or as a group, please contact Caroline Smith, Banff and Buchan’s excellent Community Planning Officer, St Leonards, Sandyhill Road, Banff AB4 1BH or phone 01261 813305.

You can also ask me. Hardie and myself are always on patrol so just stop us.