Dolphin Art at Macduff Marine Aquarium

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society, (WDCS) and Macduff Marine Aquarium are inviting people to try their hand at some arty-crafty dolphin activities at the aquarium on Sunday August 7.

Visitors will be able to take part in a range of activities including ‘make your own’ dolphin badge, colouring a dolphin to take home, face painting, colouring your very own bag or adding your own picture to our underwater collage. There will also be the opportunity to spot dolphins with our amazing ‘Big Eye’ binoculars, which give fantastic views of the sea and some of the wildlife that lives there.

The event will begin at 10am until 4pm, during which time you can also join the WDCS team for one of our ten minute Shorewatches; looking out to sea and recording the information for scientific research.

A team of volunteers at Macduff Marine Aquarium have been conducting Shorewatches for WDCS since last year and will be continuing to do so throughout 2011. The information from these watches will help us to understand the incredible lives of dolphins, whales and porpoises and the threats that they might be facing.

For those who want to learn more about dolphins, WDCS will be revealing some fascinating facts and giving visitors the opportunity to earn a dolphin certificate by helping with our dolphin research!

Dolphins have been sighted many times from the Macduff Marine Aquarium site and we will be keeping our eyes open on Sunday for a glimpse of these beautiful animals. Amanda Church from WDCS stated; “There is nothing quite like standing on land and seeing dolphins swimming wild and free. Even if you don’t see a real dolphin you can still take your own design home along with a dolphin leaping across your cheek and another swimming across the badge that you made yourself!”

For more information about the event and activities, please contact WDCS Wildlife Centre, on 01343 820 339 or email