Domestic Abuse Initiative

Officers throughout Aberdeenshire have been carrying out an operation to tackle domestic abuse as part of the National Anti Violence Campaign.

The Scottish Government-led scheme kicked off on December 1, 2011, with more than 130 incidents being dealt with in the city during the first two weeks.

PC Brian Hutchison, Aberdeen Division Domestic Abuse Liaison Officer, said: “Whilst this initiative is part of a nationwide drive to tackle domestic abuse, Grampian Police has a history of dealing with this issue in a sustained manner - this being the third crackdown on crimes of this nature in a matter of months.

“During recent weeks officers have been actively targeting those offenders who are flouting Special Bail conditions imposed by the Courts in relation to instances of Domestic Abuse. Although this is part of our routine business, the frequency of such checks have been increased.”

Courts regularly impose Special Bail Conditions on offenders who have committed Domestic abuse offences. These conditions can be wide ranging but generally include preventing the offender from approaching or contacting the victim or attending at a specific address where the victim may reside.

Domestic abuse is any form of physical, sexual or mental and emotional abuse which might amount to criminal conduct and which takes place within the context of a relationship.

The relationship will be between partners (married, co-habiting, civil partnership or otherwise) and ex-partners. The abuse can be committed in the home or elsewhere.

There is no typical abuser. They are not easy to spot in public they may appear friendly and loving, often only abusing behind closed doors.

Some try to hide what they are doing by causing injuries which can be concealed or do not need a doctor. Usually it is an intentional act which one person uses in a relationship to control the other.

During the first two weeks of the campaign officers from Aberdeen Division have dealt with 132 domestic incidents, resulting in 48 people being arrested and reported to the Procurator Fiscal. Further to this 39 checks have been made on offenders who have had Special Bail Conditions imposed by the courts, resulting in seven offenders being arrested and reported to the Procurator Fiscal for breaching these conditions.

Pc Hutchison added:

“It’s widely acknowledged that incidences of domestic abuse increase over Christmas and New Year and Grampian Police not only respond to ongoing incidents, but also have Domestic Abuse Liaison Offices (DALOs) who deal with the aftermath by providing support to the victims.

“We would encourage anyone who may have suffered domestic abuse or who may have concerns about a friend or relative to contact Grampian Police.”

Anyone experiencing Domestic Abuse and who requires help or assistance should contact Grampian Police on 0845 600 5700 or in emergency call 999.