DRiNKLiNK in daring sky-dive

FIVE brave Brochers took the leap for local charity DRiNKLiNK with the aim to raise over £2,000 towards the development of a supportive website for those affected by alcohol abuse.

David Sim (27), Dawn-Marie Roy (31), Helen Summers (38), Jacqueline Watt (28) and DRiNKLiNK founder Stacey Summers (26) took to the sky last weekend to take part in a sponsored sky-dive for the charity.

Stacey Summers, speaking prior to the sky-dive, said that the money would benefit the charity, saying: “Although some people can manage their alcohol intake, for a large proportion of the community alcohol can take over and negatively impact their life.

“Through DRiNKLiNK.org, we plan to provide information for those who are affected by someone else’s alcohol misuse. Anyone affected by this illness will appreciate that it can be a difficult to watch a loved one battle with alcohol misuse. This website will not only provide information to understand their situation but also signpost them towards local initiatives which will support them to mitigate the negative impact this has on their lives.

“We have our first meeting scheduled with our partners on the 10th of August, to kick start the area of the site which is specifically for the workplace. This site will be primarily to provide work colleagues with information should they be concerned with a colleague’s drinking habits; for employers to find out the process for dealing with an employee who misuses alcohol; as well as resources for the person who alcohol misuses themselves.

“An estimated 17 million working days are lost each year by people missing work due to the effects of alcohol. Forty percent of employers believe that alcohol misuse has a significant effect on both absenteeism and lost productivity. This not only impacts employers but also work colleagues. This site will help to mitigate

Speaking this week, Stacey thanked everyone for their donations. She said: “‘Unfortunately not all of our team got to dive due to poor weather, however the ones that did absolutely loved it. Everyone did so well although I think the tears of fear were there for both myself and Helen. The experience was amazing and it was great seeing everyone’s before and after faces. It would be fair to say that on the way up, each of us thought ‘what are we doing?’ but I am delighted to tell you that we exceeded our target, raising over £2,000 with the money still coming in. Thanks to everyone who donated!”

Volunteer Dawn-Marie Roy was unable to make the dive, but has been rescheduled to take part at a later date.

The charity aim to raise £150,000 in its first year. So far the charity has raised £1,000. If you would like to donate or get involved and raise money for a good cause, please email drinklink.org@hotmail.co.uk.