Easter Eggstravaganza helps send supplies to Zimbabwe orphans

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A group of local woman who have raised thousands of pounds for Zimbabwe orphans over the past three years, are hosting an Easter Eggstravaganza in Fraserburgh next week  to raise funds to send vital supplies to the country.

Tina Buchan, Kathleen Reid, Janice and Eleanor Stephen have been raising funds for Zimbabwe orphans since 2008.

Speaking to the Herald they explained how they started by chance.

Tina said: “I met a lady in the shoe shop I manage called Esnath Mafemba, she asked for shoes of any size and I found this strange but when I questioned her request she explained that her people did not have any shoes, she then explained about the orphans in Zimbabwe.

“We started out small, collecting clothes and it has just spiralled from there.”

The fund-raising efforts of the locals help orphans in Harare, Zimbabwe and in Mount Melery, Nigeria, not only by providing clothing,shoes and toiletries but also by providing goods to help the communities to become self sufficient.  The group have even raised enough funds to purchase a truck enabling the town to transport crops to market and also to ensure children get to school. 

It is hoped the fund-raising drive at the Easter Eggstravaganza will raise sufficient money to enable the group to send six drums across to Zimbabwe, Tina explained: “We have six drums full of clothing, shoes, toiletries and other vital supplies ready to be sent to Zimbabwe.  Transportation costs have escalated with each drum costing approximately £240 to transport and we hope that through the Easter eggstravaganza event we will raise enough funds to be able to send these supplies across.”

The group explained that they could not provide the help and support they give to the communities without the very generous donations from local folk and businesses,  Tina continued: “We really couldn’t do this without the support and generosity of the locals, we have received donations from Ruxtons Garage, The Spotty Bag shop and even £1200 from Albert Street Co-op.  Barbara Buchan comes in when required and sells scores of raffles throughout the year, members of the United Reformed Church, who often help us set up for events like this and clear away, there are so many other people who help with fund-raising activities there would be too many to mention and finally all those locals who donate goods.  Everything is appreciated and we really can not express how much the support means to the people we send the goods to.”

The event that starts at 10 am will see a variety of stalls including tombola, Easter treats and raffles with plenty of goods on sale including Easter crafts, hand knitted teddies and dolls clothes, home-bakes and Easter chickens.  “Everything is competitively priced, the knitted goods are fantastic,  Jesse and Ishbel do a wonderful job.  Eleanor will be baking home-made scones on the day of the coffee morning, these melt in you mouth, they are absolutely delicious.” added Tina.